Keep Facebook Free!

Have you heard that Facebook is going to start charging for basic user services?

What? You didn’t know that despite everything that Facebook has ever said that now they’re going to start charging for messaging, video uploads, and other services that, until now, have been totally free to anyone with a membership?

Well, according to the group NO I WILL NOT PAY $3.98 A MONTH TO USE FACEBOOK AS OF JULY 10TH 2010!, “Facebook has announced they will be charging for the use of uploads, video streaming and instant msging as of july 10th 2010, help stop this from happening!! join the group to keep facebook free!!”

And guess what else? It’s absolutely not true.

This Facebook group, created by Nathan Craig of Bunbury, Australia, has convinced over 550,000 to join. Everyone who has posted on the group’s wall agrees with one thing: they will never pay for Facebook. Good thing for them that they won’t have to.

This has to be the most pervasive Facebook hoax. It seems like every couple weeks someone starts screaming about paid memberships and extra service fees. I’ve said it before, and I’ll just keep saying it for as long as needed: Facebook doesn’t want to charge people for their memberships and basic services because that would drive away their advertising base.

So, Nathan, you don’t have to worry about your free Facebook membership. Now you can dismantle your group’s page and get on with your young life. Or I guess you can wait until July 11th and claim victory.


~ by facebookhoaxes on April 27, 2010.

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