Facebook Security Sources

It’s important to know where to get information about potential Facebook hoaxes. There are so many different scams on Facebook and other social networking sites that I simply can’t keep track of them all. That means it is ultimately up to you to protect yourself and your computer from fraud, malware, and annoying hoaxes.

Some of the best sources of security information that I use are found right on Facebook. You can join various groups that will keep you updated about security threats and scams. I recommend signing up for several of them. Chances are that you won’t spend as much time tracking down information about these scams as I do, but, then again, I guess that’s why I keep this handy blog: it serves as a comprehensive site for Facebook hoaxes.

If you would like to get more up to date information fed to your through Fb, then you should consider joining the group Facebook Security. It’s managed by Facebook’s administrators, so you can trust the information that they post. Find the group here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/security

You can also join the group Facebook Hoax, but you have to take the things you read there with a grain of salt. This group allows anyone to post on their wall. This means that some of the posts are absolute garbage. Before you trust something posted there, you should do some independent research. I check the group’s postings often and try to confirm or deny rumors.

As you learn more about common Facebook hoaxes, you’ll be able to sniff them out for yourself. This is a good skill to develop in today’s world, especially considering how much many of us rely on a largely unregulated internet.


~ by facebookhoaxes on April 28, 2010.

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