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My previous post about SnagBar received the following comment:

I play Farmville on Facebook and somebody asked me if I use Snagbar. I don’t think I do. I thought they were referring to the Zynga Toolbar which I tried to download but it wouldn’t work with Windows 7. When I said I didn’t they said they checked and it shows that I do use snagbar. Can somebody tell me what snagbar is and how I could have it and not know it?

SnagBar is an application that let’s you take, “snag,” items from other FarmVille players. This quickly increases the number of items that you have access to on FarmVille. Let’s say you have a friend with a Golden Chicken. Using SnagBar will allow you to take the chicken for your own use. Gamers Unite created SnagBar, but it’s not the first application of its kind. Most people, however, claim that it is the most effective snagging application. Still, you’ll find plenty of people who have had bad experiences with SnagBar as well. For some reason or another (user mistakes, improper download, et c), it doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

I can’t imagine that you would accidentally download SnagBar without knowing it. There are several steps to take, and each one requires an action on your part. Still, I suppose you could have mistakenly downloaded it thinking that it was something else. If you share your computer with other people, then it’s also possible that one of them downloaded SnagBar.

If you are using SnagBar, then you should find a button for it on your web browser’s tool bar.

This  YouTube video will show you the steps required to install and use SnagBar. If they look familiar to you, then you could be using SnagBar right now. Chances are that this will not jeopardize your membership with Facebook or Zynga (for now, at least), but it could encourage other players to distance themselves from you. There are lots of FarmVille players who think that using SnagBar is cheating.


~ by facebookhoaxes on May 24, 2010.

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  1. Becoming a “member” of Gamers Unite does not mean u have the tool bar. BUT once u join/like gamers unite ur profile shows up as a memeber. That does NOT mean u have the tool bar installed and using it. Hope this helps clear things up.

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