Totally a pedophile. Or not.

An article, WARNING: Pedophile group on Facebook,  that I published at this site a few weeks ago received a comment that clearly worried one of my readers. The person points out that the Facebook page Becoming a Father or Mother was the Greatest Gift of my Life actually admits “yeahh im totally a pedofile looking at you children..” (sic).

I checked, and the commenter is absolutely correct, but he or she didn’t seem to look much further. The group’s page also contains a wall comment, actually it’s the only comment on the whole page, that states “i love how your all just like, flipping out and thinking i’m a Pedophile, yall are kinda you know, retarded? i made this because i saw the “do not join thing” and i searched it, and found that it isn’t actually a page. so i made this. so can you shut the fuck up and enjoy the hilarity?”

Is it funny? No, I wouldn’t say so. But I also wouldn’t say that this person is a pedophile. He’s just kind of a dumb ass who wanted to get in on the popularity of a Facebook hoax.

The page also contains this image, which I hope isn’t true. I just… really… hope. Because if it is, then we’re all getting schlepped to jail.

And now we all go to jail. Thanks, dude.


~ by facebookhoaxes on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Totally a pedophile. Or not.”

  1. You my friend do not know the inside about the subject. It is much more complex than you could understand without being a part of the “group”.
    We all have different things about us that fuel our fires, so please do not judge what you don’t understand.

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