Keep your membership active hoax

I remember the days when this hoax went around Myspace. Admitting that kind of makes me feel old at this point. I can hear teenagers twittering (not tweeting) “he used to use Myspace for social networking. HA!”

Anyway, the  current BS FB hoax claims that you have to post 12 messages on your wall, or friends’ walls, to prove that your account is active. According to the rumors spreading around Facebook, all of the non-active profiles are slowing down the system.

Here’s a sample post. Note the illiteracy, a common trait of stupid hoaxes like this.

copy and paste to twelve of your friends to show your account is active within two weeks or face deletion as none users of accounts are slowing down the whole facebook realm

Facebook isn’t going to do this. In fact, I doubt that any of the social networking sites will do it until they go out of business. Here’s a test, I’m going to log into my old Friendster account. That’s right, now I’m really showing my age…

Yep, it still works. Wow, it looks a lot different. I see, however, that I only have one friend who has updated his Friendster account this year.

It’s been a good four years since I’ve checked that account, so my guess is that Facebook doesn’t plan on getting rid of any profiles for inactivity. If Friendster can hand on, certainly Facebook can, right?


~ by facebookhoaxes on May 28, 2010.

One Response to “Keep your membership active hoax”

  1. Is there any bigger site where you can be a member where that hoax doesn’t creep up sooner or later? Forward/post this x times or have your account shout down because the site is running slow because of all the inactive accounts/ they are running out of available usernames.
    Some of the hoaxes also claims that that particular site is keeping track of every login and logoff you do, why they couldn’t use that information instead of having you forward some stupid e-mail I have never been able to figure out. But then again most hoaxes aren’t known for their logic.

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