Miss United Nations Ireland Pageant 2010 Grand Final

Wow, there has been a lot of talk about whether the Miss United Nations Ireland Pageant 2010 Grand Final is a hoax. The event’s link is here: Miss UN Ireland.

Here’s what I’ve been able to gather so far:

The phone number listed goes to an obscure line at the hotel. This seems suspicious. If you were trying to run a legit event, then you would probably want interested parties to contact you directly rather than calling the hotel. Also, the hotel can’t confirm that the event is even booked there.

The original invitation had some pretty significant misspellings, including those of “Ireland,” “counties,” and “girls.”

The company running this pageant has been accused of arranging other non-existent events.

None of these things absolutely mean that the event is a  hoax. At the very least, though, they mean that the event is run by an incompetent company that can’t keep its stuff together. Come on, you can’t even use spell check before you send out your invitations? If it’s not a hoax, then it’s pathetic.

It’s been suggested that this could be some kind of ticket scam. I’m not really sure how that scam would work, though, since the promotions agency doesn’t provide a way to purchase tickets. It’s also been suggested that the event might have ulterior motives regarding the young women who participate. Again, I can’t imagine that this would be effective.

My verdict: some creepy dude made up this event to try to convince a few pretty women to give him some special favors. Unfortunately, he’s dumber than even the dumbest beauty pageant contestant of all time. By the way, that contestants response is shown below.


~ by facebookhoaxes on June 4, 2010.

One Response to “Miss United Nations Ireland Pageant 2010 Grand Final”

  1. Hi!

    I am a finalist in this contest, and I can assure you that the even is NOT a hoax. The reason there is so much questioning of this event, is that it is the first time that it has been run in Ireland, and not many people have heard of it. It is an even run all over the world, with numerous categories, and if you even google the contest, you will find plenty of phone numbers to call to speak to the delegates of the contest. The ebent in Ireland is being run by a guy called Greg Ryan, who is a former boy band member, and generally well know person in Ireland.

    Nikki Hayes is hostessing the finals, which take place in the South Court Hotel in Limerick, with special guest appearances by current Mr. World, Irelands Kamal Ibrahim, with a whole host of other familiar and house hold Irish celeb names attending he event.

    I can understand why people would think this is a scam, there is always contoversy over these things, especially when they are not well established.

    Regarding tickets, if you go onto the united nations pageant page, on facebook, u will be given a number of ways u can buy the tickets, which include, through the event manager Greg, from the hotel where the competition is being held, and also, us the contestants have been given a few to sell if we need them.


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