101 Hottest Women in the World

The latest Facebook worm uses sexual curiosity to lure in victims. It’s a likejacking attack that urges Fb members to click on a link that leads to the 101 hottest women in the world. The link takes you to a picture of Jessica Alba. Click on her picture, though, and you unleash a worm that spreads itself by adding a “like” post to your Fb Wall. This tempts your friends to follow the link, which then posts the “like” to their walls.

The hoax would undoubtedly claim fewer victims if it promised the 101 hottest men in the world.

Why? Because scams like this feed on some of the oldest tricks in the ebook. One of this tricks is that everyone likes boobies.

When likejackers use promises of beautiful women, they attract a huge percentage of the population. Straight guys want to lust over them. Straight girls want to check out the competition. Lesbians want to lust over them. And gay guys… well, some friends of mine would complain if I generalized too much (especially those who don’t find women attractive at all).  Still, the vast majority of people in the world are obsessed with female beauty.

Hackers who use such claims are just doing what it takes to get your attention.

If you see a link promising you the 101 hottest women in the world, then resist the temptation to click. You can find better pictures of Jessica Alba online without the viruses. Thank you, Google image search!


~ by facebookhoaxes on June 15, 2010.

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