Coordinated Hacker Attack!

Concerns about befriending hackers have been common since the early days of social networking. Now that so many people have Facebook accounts, the dear spreads even more aggressively. Here’s the latest inflammatory wall post:

THIS IS EXTREMELY URGENT!!!!I need to inform you of a team
…of hackers.They intend to pull off a synchronised hack on a date and
time of which I do not know.-The profile picture will be black &
White.-There won’t be a real picture of themselves in their
photos.-There will be less than 400 friends as the plan was a recent
one.If you have themREMOVE AND BLOCK THEM!!!

How do I know that this is BS?

First, it’s just a matter of being around for a long time. This sounds like crap because it matches so much of the other crap that I’ve seen in recent years.

Second, the poster gives himself away by claiming to have some knowledge but remaining completely ignorant of important details. Let’s put it this way: if you were privy to a plot orchestrated by  fewer than 400 people, don’t you think that you would know what kind of hack and when it would occur? You know what it sounds like? It sounds like someone heard something that someone told someone who overhead that…

Now, I suppose it’s possible that such an attack could be coordinated. Perhaps I’m wrong here. I doubt it, but it’s possible.

Even if the attack is true, though, there isn’t really that much to worry about. The most likely attack that hackers could conduct over Facebook would be clickjacking links. This process has become more popular recently. It has even earned the Facebook-specific name “likejacking.”

Such an attack would require Facebook users to follow a bogus link that contains a virus. But here’s the thing, you HAVE to follow the link. It’s up to you to execute the attack.

Here’s another reason not to freak out over this particular post: most likejacks are conducted by hackers who have gained access to someone else’s account. They don’t use their own Fb accounts. They steal those from other people. The real concern isn’t some guy who’s stupidly  trying to lure desperate people with a fake profile, but hackers who hijack the pages of the people you trust. That’s what usually happens and that’s what causes the most damage.


~ by facebookhoaxes on June 21, 2010.

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