Nonsense Facebook Hoaxes

The guys over at Thats Nonsense (sic) held (or perhaps are still holding) a contest to determine what the funniest hoax Facebook post is. They encouraged everyone to make up their own fake posts, so most of them mock the typical stupidity of layusers who overact or fall for lame scams.

You can read all of the entries at

Here are a few of my faves:

Nicholas Wilson Says: *** READ THIS *** Brett Favre says he WILL retire if at least 1,500,000 people copy and paste this status on their Facebook!!! Let’s focus on more important things this off-season! PLEASE HELP OUT, PEOPLE! WE NEED ALL WE CAN GET!

Brandy Durel Says: IMPORTANT!!!! Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW!!! You must stand up and hop on your right foot while singing “It’s a Small World” backwards, pat your head, rub your belly and turn around (while still hopping on the one foot!). Then find a broom and sweep your ceiling and mop your car! If you do not do this right now, your computer will BLOW UP!!!!

Lukas Schmid Says: Warning!!! Secret FBI files found on an employees PC revealed that the FB-group “War against terrorism” was in fact founded by Talibans, trying to recruite new soldiers for their holy war!!! Send this message to all your friends to warn them not to enter this group, or otherwise they will get brainwashed and have to obey Osama Bin Laden!!!

If you have a funny idea, then head over to Thats Nonsense and submit your post. It looks like they’re still taking entries. The current winner is Nicholas Wilson.

The grand prize? They honor you on the website. Perhaps not exactly how you thought you’d get those 15 minutes of fame, but it looks like you’re never going to hook up with a celebrity anyway and SNL hasn’t returned your phone calls. In other words, what do you have to lose?


~ by facebookhoaxes on June 29, 2010.

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