Cure for Cancer

Don’t rely on Facebook as your source of news. Doing so will probably mean that you end up falling for a bunch of scams. Here’s a particularly sad one:


Honestly, do you really think that you’re going to hear about a cancer cure  from Facebook? If someone found a real cure for cancer, then it would be in every newspaper and on every television station. The world would essentially stop for a few minutes and everyone would freak out in happiness. Would there be posts on Facebook? You can bet that their would be. In fact, your whole wall would be full of posts about the cure. You can rest assured knowing that there would be much more than one lonely post letting you know this historical news.

And yet people seem to fall for it.

When you sign up for this specific group, which is operated by someone named Charlene Thompson, all that you get is a bunch of spam. Thompson uses the group to attract new members, and then she bombards them with spam emails about all kinds of nonsense.

If you have been getting emails from Charlene or this group, then block her/it and report the activity to Facebook.


~ by facebookhoaxes on July 12, 2010.

One Response to “Cure for Cancer”

  1. That’s not true at all. IF you read all over my website you’d find the truth yourself.

    We are living in the middle of the largest war that’s been going on for ages.

    A cure for cancer is less of an outrageous claim than saying there IS NO cure for cancer.

    The reason the TRUTH isn’t spread all over the news and media, is because “they” won’t allow it. “They” (those who control the world monetary system, and the largest corporations on the planet, and the very world you live in) don’t want people to be cured.

    Your BAD HEALTH is the biggest business in the world. If people never got sick the biggest industries in the world would collapse. There are many cures for cancer, not just one missing magical link.

    The truth is there in front of us, but for some reason people would rather believe there is no cure for cancer? Imagine that, ..people imagine the worst possible thing.

    It all boils down to money power and control.

    I would really love to converse with you moer sometime after you go through my website if you are ever interested in the truth.

    Take care

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