Out with the .com, end with the new

Here’s one of the more ludicrous hoaxes that I’ve seen on Facebook lately.

ATENTION,IF U HAVE A HOTMAIL ADDRESS ENDING. COM THEY ARE GETTING DID OF THEM AS THEY ONLY WANT. CO.UK AND. LIVE GOING – act now before yu facebook login with a hotmail.com address fails to work-does it affect any of u?

The horrid spelling is a dead give away. Even if you had no other information, the illiteracy should tip you off.

Even if you were to assume that the post’s terrible language doesn’t mean it’s wrong, then you just have to look at the underlying logic to spot a post with fake info.Consider some of the follow points.

1. Would Hotmail really want to go through all of that trouble, especially considering that it wouldn’t improve service in any way?

2. If Hotmail for some idiotic reason did decide that they wanted to drop .com, then they would lose a ton of business. There’s no way they  would just drop their clients like that. It’s business suicide.

3. If you have a Hotmail account, don’ t you think that you would learn this information from Hotmail? That company would certainly contact its members about the changes. Seriously, do you  think that Hotmail is going to drop millions of clients without a single word?


~ by facebookhoaxes on August 18, 2010.

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