Administative woes

*****warning****** facebook is doing a major crack down….and they are
targeting the group admins first….we are being considered spammers
because members have not added us as a friend…we have several major
groups already affected by this…admin are losing accounts!!!! if you
…belong to a group, make sure all admin are friends!!!!

No one has really determined whether this is a hoax or not. Hopefully, we will have more definitive information now that the weekend is coming to a close. My thoughts, however, are that Facebook experienced a few problems over the past couple days, but that this does not mean they are “cracking down” on administrators.

There were reports on Friday stating that Facebook was having some fairly serious issues that interrupted service in some areas. Most of the reports were in Danish newspapers, so don’t be surprised that you haven’t seen them.

It’s very possible that the service problems kicked some admins off of their groups. Or that the problems accidentally caused some groups to lose large numbers of members. This made people nervous and someone suggested that Fb had done it on purpose. As of right this very second, I can’t find any statement released from Facebook confirming this.

Also, I don’t give this warning much credence because I can only find it on Facebook. It has spread to many walls, and yet I can’t find a single authoritative source pointing back to Facebook. Outside of blogs similar to this one, there just aren’t many mentions of the warning. In other words, it looks like a rumor. I am, therefore, inclined to think that it’s a rumor and nothing more until I see some definitive proof.


~ by facebookhoaxes on October 4, 2010.

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  1. This is a hoax.

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