Possibly the worst Facebook hoax ever

Most Facebook hoaxes contain a few misspellings. Typically because they come from non-native speakers or kids who don’t know their own language. This, however, is by far the worst that I have ever seen.

sryforsending this. but if u luv your dad send this t twenty people. agirlignored this and her dad died in 365 days. if you truly love yourdaddon’t ignore this

Seriously? I’m okay with some abbreviations in emails and texts. It’s just a lot easier for someone to type “sry” into a tiny key pad than “sorry,” especially when you have an old school phone like I do. And, yes, I get it. The kids have their own lingo. But this is ridiculous.

Also, how stupid is it to use “sry,” “u,” and “luv,” but then write out “twenty” instead of the good old fashioned “20.”

This has obviously been written by someone who doesn’t really know the English language.

Now, let’s move beyond the wording and get to the heart of this message. Your telling me that if I ignore this message, then my dad will die in 365 days? Because that’s the way the universe works, right? If you don’t respond to idiotic Facebook message, then your family members start to croak, right?

Come on. Chain letters have been around way longer than I’ve been alive. How can anyone still fall for them? Putting them on Facebook doesn’t make me any more likely to think that your messages have some kind  of power over the universe. The fact of the matter is that this is an updated, dumbed down version of a hoax that has been going around for probably more than 100 years.

Please, don’t embarrass yourself by spreading it to others.


~ by facebookhoaxes on October 26, 2010.

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