Back that thing up

Oh my. What would  happen if Facebook’s servers died in a fiery blaze and you lost all your friends? That’s the scare tactic behind this Facebook hoax:

This is a very important message.

Do you know someone who lives in the USA?

If so then please forward this entire message to him/ her.

Thank you very much!

Facebook may encounter database problems sometimes. If a system crash occurs this might cause you to lose ALL your friends. In order to prevent this from happening we ask you to make a back-up. So you can restore your friends afterwards when you need it. Especially if you have over 50 friends you should make a back-up. If you have more then 250 friends (or even more) you should make a backup immediately. Please do it now otherwise it may be too late.

To make a back-up follow these instructions:

And then it keeps going on and on with a bunch of instructions that you don’t need to know.

First things first: why this is a hoax.

There’s no need to back up your Facebook profile because Facebook does this on their own. They have hundreds of people working on system problems all the time. Even though they don’t always get it right, they do a pretty good job. If Facebook losses all of your profile information, friends, etc, then you should probably move on to another social networking site anyway. That would be a sure sign that Fb isn’t doing its job well at all.

OK, now on to what I find particularly funny about this hoax. I love that this somehow has to do with knowing someone living in the US. How does that have anything to do with the message?

Oh, and also, how can you not laugh when the message tries to get you all worked up about having 50 or even 250! friends. I keep my  Facebook friendships restricted to people  I actually know, and even I have more than 250 friends. The numbers are laughably low, presumably to get people all worked up. Oh, I DO have more than 50 friends! I guess I should pay attention to this!

Don’t bother.


~ by facebookhoaxes on November 12, 2010.

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