New app identifies malware on Facebook

Facebook users worried about security threats from likejacks, viruses, and worms now have the option to download an app that will search their profiles for various forms of malware. The security company BitDefender has conducted research showing that about 20 percent of news updates contain malware or links to malware. Facebook denies that the percentage is this high, claiming that they have worked hard to provide users with security measures that help ensure safety without restricting the activities.

Regardless of how much malware exists on Facebook, there is no doubting that some security risks essentially rely on Facebook’s social networking to spread throughout the internet community.

Although the app will help identify compromised posts, several critics of Facebook wonder why such software is even necessary. Rather than relying on third-party organizations like BitDefender to create security software, why isn’t Facebook finding ways to solve this problem and protect its users.

It’s important to give Facebook the credit that it’s due. The company has done quite a bit to improve its security measures. Unfortunately, it has not done enough. Thinking that another social networking site offers better protection, however, is a bit of a fairy tale right now. Currently, it’s tough to find any type of social networking site that offers better services than Facebook. The security risks that you face by becoming a member mean that  you get to post your own news updates with very few restrictions. Of course, not everyone does so responsibly. That’s part of the reason that malware spreads so quickly on Facebook and similar sites.


~ by facebookhoaxes on November 29, 2010.

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