New Facebook Security Features

A few weeks ago, Facebook started rolling out new security features that helped secure the identities of its members. It didn’t occur to me at the time that some people might worry about this, thinking that it was a hoax  or scam of some sort. After getting several questions, though, I guess it is a bigger concern than I thought.

The security measures prompted users to answer questions about themselves when they logged in to Facebook. They questions have answers that only the individual would know, such as the name of the first person you kissed and the name of your first pet. The point was to gather information from users so that Fb could later ask questions to verify a member’s identity.

Even though this is a totally legit process from Facebook, I am happy that so many people questioned whether it was legitimately initiated by Facebook. It means that more people are getting skeptical of the things they encounter online. Not so long ago, the average person would hand out the most personal information (eg, social security numbers) without thinking twice. Now, the average Internet user looks at questions and thinks “who the hell wants to know?”

It’s OK to answer these questions for Facebook. It will help them improve their security, which means your profile is better protected. If you have been avoiding the questions, then you can go answer them without concern.

Remember, though, that it’s smart to be wary when you encounter questions like these on other sites. You never know what someone can do with information that doesn’t seem very important.


~ by facebookhoaxes on December 22, 2010.

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