No More Facebook!

Have you heard that Facebook is shutting down in March? Apparently Mark Zuckerberg just can’t take the stress of overseeing such a large, complicated business, so he’s shutting it down for good. What, you don’t believe me? But I read it in the news! It’s right here at a Weekly World News post.

Seriously, these are the kinds of posts that I have been seeing lately. It’s amazing to me that people will spread such ridiculous rumors without ever second-guessing them. And they seem to pass on the rumors even though they themselves “can’t believe” it.

There’s good reason not to believe that Facebook is shutting down in March. At the top of that list: it isn’t.

Zuckerberg would have a very difficult time shutting down Facebook. If he wanted to reduce the stress in his life, shutting down a multi-billion dollar company because of a whim would certainly be the way to do. Instead of closing Facebook, Zuckerberg would almost certainly sell the company to someone else. That way he and the shareholders could actually get something out of it. If he shut down the company on his own, all that he’d get is a pile of lawsuits from his shareholders.

It’s also amazing that people don’t seem to understand that Weekly World News is a joke site. This is the same “newspaper” that brought us Bat Boy! Perhaps the secret to Weekly World News’s success is that it publishes ridiculous lies rather than satire (such as stories in the Onion). On the other hand, the secret to success could be someone else’s gullibility.


~ by facebookhoaxes on January 12, 2011.

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