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You know that a Facebook hoax has spun out of control when the story hits major news outlets. A few days ago, The Huffington Post ran a brief story about a scam that’s suckered thousands of people into filling out online surveys and becoming victims of clickjacking.

The hoax has spread word about an app that let’s Facebook members see how many people have accessed their profiles. The app goes by either Profile Spy or Pro Check, depending on which version of the scam that gets passed on to you.

This scam is very similar to those that promise to show you who has been accessing your profile. This one, however, does not even claim to offer specific information that helps you identify a secret crush or stalker. What it does do, however, is bolster your self-esteem. After completing a series of online surveys, the fake app tells you how many people have looked at your profile page. The only problem is that the number is completely fake. The app has no way to determine how many people have looked at your profile. It’s just a random number in the thousands that makes you feel good about yourself.

In addition to tricking you into taking online surveys for nothing, the “app” posts a message to your Facebook wall telling other people that they should try the service. That indicates that there is some clickjacking going on.

If you see this message on Fb, be sure to pass this post on to your friends so that they know they’ve been duped. Maybe a little public humiliation will convince them to pay more attention to what they do online.


~ by facebookhoaxes on January 25, 2011.

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