Facebook Overpopulation Chain Letter

Overpopulation is a serious concern. In the real world, we have limited resources to feed, shelter and clothe humans. Don’t even start thinking about the amount of energy consumed by a growing world population full of people who want to own their own personal cars. It’ll just give you the shakes.

In the virtual world, though, we’re not so concerned about overpopulation. It’s pretty easy to add more space. You want room for another 10 million people? Just buy another server. Viola! Now they have all the room that they could possbily want.

That’s why it seemed so ridiculous the first time that I read a news story about Facebook’s overpopulation. According to the story, which started out as a rumor and then ended up getting repeated so much that it seems to have evolved into news, Facebook simply cannot keep track of its growing number of members. Their solution? They’re going to start giving inactive users the boot.

Depending on the gossip that you see, you might need to send the warning to ten or your friends to prove that you are an active member. Does that sound like anything you’ve seen before? I’ll give you just a little hint. The answer is chain letters!

That’s pretty much all that this scam is. It’s a chain letter that says, “hey, if you don’t pass this on to ten of your friends, then your Facebook account will get turned off.”

Not quite as bad as you’ll go broke, or someone close to you will die, but, I guess losing Facebook is a scary idea for some people.


~ by facebookhoaxes on January 26, 2011.

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