Connecticut Attorney General Goes After Facebook Scammers

Facebook has been used for scams before, but they have never attracted the attention of a state’s Attorney General. A recent scam, however, caught the attention of Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen, who says he wants to know how facebook handles scams that could affect its members in Connecticut and the United States.

Jepsen’s interest was peaked recently by a fake profile page that supposedly belonged to State Representative Kim Rose, a Democrat in Milford, Connecticut. The profile was created to solicit political contributions from facebook members. Apparently, the trick worked. At least one person had already donated $650 to Rose’s campaign through facebook. That money, of course, never reached Rep. Rose.

The even bigger problem with this scam is Rose’s accusation that facebook didn’t act quickly enough to stop fraudsters from scamming her supporters.

Facebook maintains that it takes security very seriously and focuses on disabling scam profiles. Jepsen, like any good attorney, wants to see some proof. Facebook has been fairly secretive, or at least quiet, about its security policies. Jepsen has asked them to give him information regarding how many hacked profiles the site has had within the past 18 months, how they proactively prevent scammers on their site, and a list of their security policies. So far, Jepsen says, the company has cooperated with his investigation. He does not, however, yet have access to the information that he has requested.

Facebook has become a staple communication tool, but it does have its downsides. Scams and hoaxes spread quickly through social networking sites that allow people to trade information with each other in a semi-public venue. Hopefully, Attorney General Jepsen’s work will shed some light on how facebook plans¬† to identify and handle individuals who misuse their site.




~ by facebookhoaxes on February 22, 2011.

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