Good Grief!

When Charles Schultz started publishing Peanuts in 1950, he couldn’t have had the slightest idea that it would one day be used for nefarious purposes on something called the Internet. Given Schultz’s grumpy old man stance on pretty much everything, chances are that he wouldn’t even use the Internet if he were alive and well today.

So much for the better, Mr. Schultz, because this would have helped you avoid a scam.

Recently, Facebook fans of Peanuts have noticed odd posts telling them how many hours they have spent logged into Facebook.

What does that have to do with Peanuts. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The problem is that the group administrator keeps sending posts perpetuating a hoax that has been bouncing around Facebook for sometime now.

This fake application doesn’t have the ability to tell you how many hours you have spent logged into Facebook. In fact, the amount of time posted seems completely arbitrary.

To make matters worse, this scam has evolved. At first, it was just a lame app that didn’t do what it promised. Now it encourages Facebook members to complete online surveys. These surveys generate cash for whoever operates the app. What do the Facebook members get for it? An annoying clickjack that spreads the scam through their walls.

Whether the Peanuts administrator knows that the application is a hoax or not is unknown. It’s possible that the admin is a dupe in this scam. It’s also possible that he or she knows exactly what’s  up and is just using a popular comic strip to rake in some cash at the expense of others.


~ by facebookhoaxes on March 4, 2011.

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