The Charlie Sheen Rumor

Charlie Sheen isn’t dead. Not yet anyway.

The most surprising thing about the Charlie Sheen hoax making the rounds at Facebook is that it took this long to become popular. Sheen’s incoherent rants have become the highlight of talk shows lately, making him the perfect subject for a hoax.

Unfortunately, I fell for this one. There has just been so many posts about Charlie Sheen over the past couple weeks that I couldn’t stay diligent. I can only see so many headlines before I start to get interested. I should know better, but I’m just like everyone else: I like a good story.

When I followed the link, I must have gotten clickjacked. Suddenly I seem to have signed up to take about a million online surveys and I belonged to a new Facebook group that I had never heard of. Then I noticed that my computer started to act really, really slow. Something was going on.

Fearing that I might have contracted a virus (hey, Charlie Sheen seems like a pretty reliable way to pick up something), I used my antivirus software to search for problematic files. I didn’t get any results. Still, I knew that something was wrong, so I kept searching.

I ended up using My Clean PC. It found the virus quickly and even cleaned up my registry. So far, it seems like it worked pretty well. Really, I chose it because it was pretty inexpensive compared to the other options out there. Looks like I got my money’s worth.



~ by facebookhoaxes on March 11, 2011.

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