Tsunami Hoaxes

Beware of Facebook hoaxes looking to profit from the misery of people struggling in Japan.

It’s sad to write that, but everyone has to know that there are hoaxes of all kinds making their rounds. It really is disgusting what some people will do for money.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that not all of these hoaxes have to do with money. Some of them are just doctored photos and fake testimonials. What could make someone take such a situation lightly is being me.

So, what do  you do to protect yourself from scam artists looking to profit from this disaster? The best thing that you can do is research every cry for help before you contribute anything to an organization or individual.

Facebook posts can make it sound like an organization is doing wonderful things for the people in Japan. The organization might even have pictures of their “staff members” helping people in need. Unfortunately, you can’t take that at face value.

  • Visit the organization’s website as well as its Facebook page.
  • Search for other humanitarian aid initiatives that they have been involved in.
  • Read news reports about the organization.
  • Read about the experiences other people have had donating to the program.

If you have already contributed money, time, or items to a humanitarian organization, then don’t fret about it. Consider yourself a good person for doing your part. If you’re still thinking about helping out, though, take the time to do some research and learn about what each organization plans to do with your contribution.


~ by facebookhoaxes on March 15, 2011.

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