Jackie Chan: Alive and Kickin’!

When it comes to celebrity death rumors, you expect to hear numerous accounts about Charlie Sheen. Hey, Sheen’s death is something that pretty much anyone can believe, considering that he seems to have totally lost his mind in the most public of ways.

But Jackie Chan?

Seriously? Jackie Chan?

Facebook (along with Myspace and Twitter) exploded today (March 30th) with posts about the martial arts action hero. The first post supposedly hit Twitter in the morning. By early noon, it was trending faster than every other hoax on the Internet!

It’s difficult to determine why someone would focus on Chan, and, so far, it doesn’t seem that any malicious software or clickjacks are associated with the posts. It’s just like someone woke up in the morning, popped in a copy of Rush Hour 2 and said “dude, I totally wish that Jackie Chan would die for making this movie.” Realizing that it’s pretty much impossible for one man  (or even a few) to take down Chan in a fair fight, I’m guessing that the dude gave up and just posted a rumor instead.

Maybe he thought that sending his thoughts out into the universe would have some actually effect.

It didn’t. Jackie Chan is still alive and kickin’!

And just as payback for the posts, Chan has promised to only make movies where Chris Tucker uses the Ruby Rhod voice from The Fifth Element. Just imagine, a whole franchise dedicated to kicking and annoying sounds.

Well, he didn’t actually make such a promise, but that would be awesome!


~ by facebookhoaxes on March 30, 2011.

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