Heartless Hoaxes

Numerous hoaxes about a child injured with a nail gun have been circulating through Facebook members for years now. The wall posts about this child urge everyone to keep him (or her) in their prayers. Whether or not you already think praying in general is a waste of time, you don’t need to devote any of your energy to this poor tike.

One of the most absurd things about this hoax is that it uses a variety of names for the child and the parents. Is the mother’s name Terri Mazkzos, Kayla Scotts, or Cheryl Dewitts? I’ve seen all three. Either the names are getting confused or there are a lot of 22-month-old children shooting themselves in the chest with nail guns. If that’s the case, then I don’t think praying is the solution. It’s time to impose better safety standards…

Of course, none of these reports are substantiated. One child, however, does seem to have recently suffered from a nail gun related accident. Perhaps that’s where the hoax started.

Regardless, you can spend your time on more fruitful labors by avoiding this hoax. Also, please don’t pass these posts on to your friends.

Nothing good comes from these heartless hoaxes. Then again, nothing particularly terrible happens either. You won’t get spam mail or clickjacked by forwarding these messages to your friends. The worst that happens is you will waste a small bit of time and you’ll look kind of stupid to your friends in the know. It’s just one of those urban legends that lives in the world of Facebook.

Let’s let this one die already.


~ by facebookhoaxes on April 5, 2011.

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