Meet Bob Howard: Pedophile

It’s pretty easy to get a bunch of parents angry. Just tell them that a pedophile has moved in to the neighborhood and wants to befriend their children.

It works in the real world, and it works online too. Perhaps that’s why so many of these pedophile hoaxes continue to circulate through Facebook on a regular basis.

The latest one focuses on a man named Bob Howard. Here’s an example of the message going around:

PARENT ALERT…..there is someone called Bob Howard who is friend requesting kids on facebook at the moment, posing as a 14yr old, when actually he is a 48 yr. old pedophile. He is known to the police. Please be aware and tell everyone you know. We must keep our kids safe….please, please copy and repost

OK, so my favorite thing about this particular hoax is that the guy’s name is Bob Howard. Do you have any idea how many men named Bob Howard are on Facebook. You can’t even count them all. There’s even a public figure profile for some tech guru named Bob Howard. The guy has over 1,400 fans!

My least favorite thing about this and every other fake pedophile alert is that it could potentially damage the lives of innocent people. If you take the safety of children seriously, then you should demand evidence showing that this person has actually does something, and you should demand a link that shows you exactly which Bob Howard.

When you don’t demand evidence, you make Facebook worse for everyone. It’s worse for the Bob Howards of the world and its worse for children and parents. The more fake alerts we see online, the less likely we are to believe in the ones that are true.


~ by facebookhoaxes on April 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Meet Bob Howard: Pedophile”

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  2. I know right, My mom told me about this, earlier this morning before I went to school. I honestly don’t know weather or not to believe it, there are so many people talking about it & I’m not sure if I should believe it. But, I know I won’t be accepting any friend requests from people I don’t know, which I never do anyways.

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