Facebook Tattoo Hoax

By now, you’ve probably seen the YouTube video of a woman getting all of her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm. Big surprise, it was a hoax! She didn’t actually get all of those stupid tattoos. I’m sure her mother and father are relieved.

The video was actually a promo from Pretty-Social.com, a European company that sells items that are vaguely linked to social networking. For instance, they will sell you a tote bag covered in Facebook profile pics. You can also buy posters, laptop covers, coffee mugs, and all kinds of things. You kind of have to wonder, though, what you do with those items when your Facebook friend list changes. Who wants a giant poster with an ex’s mug plastered right in the middle, or a photo of some backstabbing friend?

The products are more than a little ridiculous, but the video was pretty cool. The tattoos were temporary and should wash off in a couple days. The company got tons of coverage from this little stunt. After the video went viral, millions of viewers watched it.

Whether those people actually visit the Pretty Social website and buy anything, however, is a completely different matter. Advertising like that certainly can’t hurt, but the company will only succeed if it manages to find a market of suckers willing to pay for such gimmicky items. Then again, there was a Disney Store in the mall for over a decade, so maybe they’re on to something by only selling things that people shouldn’t even want in their homes.


~ by facebookhoaxes on June 24, 2011.

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