Facebook Monsters!

Not all Facebook hoaxes are about scamming money or convincing people to follow clickjacked links. Some of them are about good old-fashioned monsters. If I had to choose a genre of Facebook hoax that is my favorite, this would certainly be it.

The Creature From Panama

It looks a little like ET and a little like a human. According to the story, some young boys were approached by this creature outside of a cave in Panama. They freaked out, understandably, and beat it to death with sticks. They then returned to the site of the encounter with a news crew that took this picture. When posted on YouTube and spread via Facebook, these images haunted the dreams of kids and adults alike all over the world.

I’m more than a little disappointed to report that the Creature from Panama isn’t anything all that exotic. It’s a decomposing brown throated sloth. The boys made up the story after they found the body.





The Monster of Montauk

This one’s a little more devilish and a lot less human-looking. There are several pictures of this creature that made the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites. The body, which was supposedly found in Montauk, was never made available to examiners. This when, therefore, might be an actual monster. Or perhaps it’s just a deformed deer.







Giant Camel Spider in Iraq

Don’t even bother looking for signs of Photoshop in this picture. It’s totally legit. The spider, however, isn’t quite as big as it looks. The apparent size is a result of the camera angle. Also untrue are claims that this spider can run 25 mph and jump over a tank.







Those are some of my favorite Facebook monsters. Which ones would you like to share?


~ by facebookhoaxes on June 30, 2011.

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