New Chat App is a Scam

You want Facebook to keep upgrading its services so that you can use cool new apps that will enhance your experience. An infatuation with new communication tools, however, is making it easier for hackers to spread one clickjacking scam through Facebook.

Facebook has released a legitimate app called Video Chat that allows you to communicate with your friends via your computers video camera and microphone. That’s pretty awesome. What’s not so awesome, though, is that someone has made a clickjacked “version” of the app called Video Call.

When you click on an invitation to use Video Call, you have to go through the usual process of allowing an app to access your information. Wait a minute, why would Facebook need your permission to access information on their servers. After all, they own the content that you publish on your page.

That’s because Facebook didn’t release Video Call. Giving this app access to your information will only make you responsible for sending massive amounts of spam to your friends via your Facebook account. Sure, that’s not the worst clickjack in the word, but it could certainly tick off a lot of your pals.

You can read more about this Facebook scam on the Sophos Naked Security blog. Sophos is a leader in Internet security, so it’s worth reading their blog from time to time if you are interested in such things. I mean, this site is pretty great and all, but those guys are the guys that I look up to, so you should check them out.


~ by facebookhoaxes on July 7, 2011.

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