Help, I’m Stranded in Colombia

What would you think if you logged onto Facebook and saw the following post from a friend

I need help desperately. Know anyone in Bogota, Colombia? Please RT

How many of you would think, great, another stupid Facebook scam. Yeah, like I’m going to respond to that one. Then this hacker is just going to ask for money. I’ll send it, and later on I’ll learn that my friend was sitting at home as safe as anyone else.

The vast majority of the time, I would completely agree with this. Sometimes, though, it pays to know your friends.

Nancy Sathre-Vogel and her family love to travel. She and her husband had been hitting the back roads of back countries for years. With a couple kids in tow, though, things can get a bit more complicated, especially when you find yourself in a city you don’t know without your passport or money.

Luckily for Nancy, her friends knew that she was just the kind of person who might actually find herself in this situation. Having biked through India and Pakistan, it seemed pretty reasonable that she would be in Colombia. One of her friends messaged her immediately and they sent messages deep into cyberspace in search of an answer. Without her passport, Nancy couldn’t stay at a hostel. Could anyone help?

Less than an hour later, a message came back to her from someone whose best friend lived in the very city where she found herself stranded. She didn’t know this person, but it was an option. And, hey, that person didn’t know her either. But they took some trust in each other, probably because they both felt that they had few options.

This isn’t one of those stories that turns out badly. It has a happy ending. They ended up having a great stay in Colombia, meeting new people, and learning that not every Facebook message is a scam.

Still, be careful out there. Just because this one was legit doesn’t mean that there aren’t hundreds more looking to scam you.



~ by facebookhoaxes on July 25, 2011.

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