Jackie Chan is Dead

Jackie Chan, how many times will you die and return from the great beyond?

A Facebook group helpfully named RIP Jackie Chan announced today that the martial arts film star had passed away. I think it was last year that Chan died immediately following a heart attack.

Seeing as how Chan is currently hard at work on his upcoming film “1911,” it’s pretty obvious that he has returned from the grave. Anyone thinking about starting a cult should probably contact his publicist immediately. This guy’s superpowers are unbelievable! He not only kicks and punches, but he returns from the dead.

Celebrity deaths get a lot of attention on Facebook, even when they celebrities haven’t actually died. Something about human nature and the state of modern technology create an environment that makes us all want to see all stars fall. Another way of looking at this, of course, is that Facebook makes it possible for us to send messages to large amounts of people without ever considering whether you should or should not send the message. Facebook, in other words, makes it possible for us to drunk dial all of our friends, even when we haven’t had anything to drink.

Fans of Jackie Chan were no doubt shocked to learn that the star had passed on. Soon, though, they will be shocked to see that he hasn’t actually died. The affable martial arts star will continue to churn out movie after movie for the foreseeable future. He’s alive and kicking, despite any rumors that you might have seen on Facebook or Twitter.


~ by facebookhoaxes on August 17, 2011.

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