Jackie Chan: You Are Not Alone in Virtual Death

Newsflash: Jackie Chan isn’t dead. Nor are a bunch of other celebrities who supposedly keeled over recently. Facebook posts can make untrue events seem very real. No matter how well the hoax is executed, though, it cannot alter reality.

Here are some of the  most popular celebrity death rumors that have spread via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Justin Beiber

First, he committed suicide. That didn’t kill him, so he overdosed on drugs. Still alive, Justin Beiber continued to die in various ways. According to Beiber, he must have died about six times by now. None of them have taken, though. The young star, however, has killed a lot of time updating his Twitter posts so that people don’t think he has finally perished.

Will Smith

Will Smith died twice in May 2011. The first time, he died of a drug overdose. Just two days later, however, he died when he fell from a cliff in New Zealand. As crazy as the cliff death might sound, I think it’s actually more believable than the OD story. Obviously I don’t know the guy, but can you really imagine him getting really, really high?

Paris Hilton

A part of me believes every death rumor that I read about Paris Hilton. Considering the lifestyle that she has read, every rumor is potentially true. My personal favorite Hilton death occurred in 2007. After getting arrested for a DUI, someone stabbed her to death in jail. Now tell me you don’t believe that just a little bit.



~ by facebookhoaxes on August 31, 2011.

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