Spam King Faces Charges, Could Get Jail Time

Sanford Wallace, better known as the Spam King, might finally face the consequences of sending unwanted, and often fraudulent, emails. Wallace faces charges from the US Department of Justice, which says that the spammer used phisphing techniques to steal private passwords from individuals.

I think I just heard a collective “booya!” from every email user in the world.

This isn’t the first time that Wallace has been in trouble. Myspace, Facebook, and the US Federal Trade Commission have all sued him for sending spam.

Facebook has even banned him from their network. Not surprisingly, there are rumors that Wallace started another account under a different name. Facebook also won 71 million dollars in the suit. So that’s how they make money!

Apparently the current charges have been in process for some time. They were just made public earlier this month. Wallace faces some pretty serious consequences if he’s found guilty of the charges. He could even spend up to 16 years in prison. I’d guess that he probably won’t go to a nice prison that allows email access either.

Currently, Wallace is out on bail ($100,000).

This is a good thing because it shows cybercriminals that there are laws that can affect them. For a long time, it has seemed that these people were above the law. They used a lot of sneaky methods to cover their tracks and protect their identities. If this guy, the Spam King, gets taken down, though, it means that others could be in trouble soon. They aren’t safe from the law. It just might take a few years to track them down and make them pay.


~ by facebookhoaxes on August 31, 2011.

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