iPhone 5 Scam

Hey, want a brand new iPhone 5? For FREE!

Of course you do, and you might be one of the few lucky people who actually get one. But you’re not going to get it from an offer on Facebook.

Really, by now you should know that it’s a scam.

Most of the fake give aways lure in victims with headlines like “iPhone Giveway” (yes, with that misspelling) and “Innovative iPhone 5 Giveaway” (exactly how a giveaway is a scam, I’m not sure. Of course, the scam itself isn’t all that innovative either).

It’s not that you could never ever get a free iPhone 5. Some companies legitimately give them away. Chances are, though, that you won’t find those offers on Facebook. And they won’t have terrible misspellings.

What does scammers possibly get from this? They typically use the fake ads to attract traffic to websites or surveys. When you click on the ad, it sends you to a site that takes advantage of you by either asking you to fill out a survey to sign up for the iPhone drawing, or infects your computer with a virus that can steal your personal information. Luckily, most clickjackers aren’t sophisticated enough to make a real virus. Clickjacking is so easy that you could learn how to do it within a couple hours, and that’s assuming you’re not a very tech savvy person.

As with all things in life, you have to pay attention to the “free” things that you take. All too often, the price is much higher than you suspect.


~ by facebookhoaxes on September 3, 2011.

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