Nigerian Scammers Set Targets on Facebook

Nigerian Internet scams have largely been spread through emails. You would find an odd email in your inbox, open it, and find a poorly written message about princes or lotteries that desperately need a small investment from you. In return, you will reap great rewards!

By now, everyone and your grandma knows that these scams are total BS. That can mean only one thing: scammers had to get creative by invading Fracebook, where they can pose as people you think you know.

There are several possible ways for them to set up these scams. Some times, the scammer has stolen the login information of your friend or relative. This allows them to take over the profile of someone that you trust. They might even exchange messages with you over the course of weeks or months. And then one day you get a message about how your uncle has a wealthy friend in Nigeria who is willing to pay top dollar to someone in the United States willing to move his cash overseas.

Some scammers even set up generic profiles that could look like people you know. For instance, the scammer might set up a profile under the name Granny or Uncle Sam. Then they send friend requests to as many people as possible. It’s just a different take on the basic phishing scam. Not many people will fall for the hoax, but the scammers only need a few people to make it worth their while.

This means Facebook users now have to stay prepared for phishing schemes that attempt to take their hard-earned money. Scrutinize every friend that you accept and keep an eye out for any of your friends that start to behave oddly.


~ by facebookhoaxes on September 8, 2011.

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