How Prevalent is Likejacking on Facebook?

Facebook has made it extremely easy to share videos with friends. That’s largely a good thing for members, but it’s also made it easy for clickjackers to spread infected videos that can go viral within hours. Clickjacked videos can cause various problems. More often than not, they’re just annoying. When someone clicks on an infected video, it posts a message to that person’s Facebook wall. That often causes embarrassment, but no real problems. Some clickjacked videos, however, steal private information from the person’s computer. The hacker can then use that information for identify theft.

Clickjacking is obviously a concern for Facebook users, but exactly how worried should you be that a video will cause problems?

The security company Symantec recently did research showing that about 15 percent of videos shared on Facebook were clickjacked. That’s not a huge percentage, but it’s enough for concern.

Avoiding clickjacked videos, however, isn’t as difficult as you might think. More often than not, you can avoid them by staying away from suspicious content. If a video claims to feature celebrities in compromising positions, unbelievable news reports, or nudity. Clickjackers most often use these types of content to attract viewers. If it looks like something you REALLY want to watch, then you should probably avoid it.

Also, avoid videos that seem out of character for your friends. If you really know someone, then you probably know what kind of video he or she would want to share with you. If it seems off, then it’s probably a scma.



~ by facebookhoaxes on September 14, 2011.

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