Dog Parks Threatened by Tainted Cheese

Last July, something terrible happened in a Buenos Aires dog park: someone wrapped nails in cheese and left them strategically placed around the canine playground. You can only imagine what happened when the happy pups found that someone had left them these unexpected treats.

Fast forward three months and you would think that this horrific prank was happening at every dog park in the world, especially if you get most of your daily news from Facebook. Recently, this fact turned into a rumor that a deadly trend had started in dog parks. According to the misinformation, people have been leaving deadly pieces of cheese and bowls filled with antifreeze at dog parks. There are a few variations of the rumor, including the following:

New trend at dog parks, nails in pieces of cheese, if you take your dogs to dog parks, please be careful!!

DOG PARK ALERT: We have received two notices. (1) Nails wrapped in cheese at dog parks in Chicago and Massachusetts. (2) from some friends that in Augusta Maine dog park, antifreeze is being found in doggie water bowls. Please beware and be careful and PLEASE SHARE and spread the word!

It’s interesting how an isolated incident in Argentina quickly warps into a prolonged trend at locations in Chicago, Maine, and Massachusetts.

The people spreading this rumor are almost certainly dog lovers who want to make sure that dogs stay safe when they go to the park. The fact of the matter, though, is that this trend isn’t happening. Of course, you should always keep an eye on your canine friend when you visit the dog park, but there’s no reason to get overly paranoid about intentional dangers.


~ by facebookhoaxes on October 6, 2011.

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