Facebook Hoax Means Felony Charges for High Schooler

You have to take everything you read on the Internet with an entire shaker of salt, but authorities in San Diego aren’t messing around with terrorist threats and identity theft, even if you’re a high school student trying to bully a classmate.

A 14-year-old student at Rancho Bernardo High School recently made a Facebook page under a classmate’s name. He then used the account to post threats about the school, claiming that he was going to start a shooting spree. Neither of the students ever had any intention of hurting anyone physically, but authorities don’t take kindly to this kind of joke. When a parent noticed the Fb page, she contacted the school. The school then contacted authorities to report the threat.

The police immediately questioned the boy whose identity had been used to create the Fb page. It quickly became obvious, though, that he didn’t know anything about it. A little digging lead them to a classmate who had been bullying the young man. When asked, the bully admitted to creating the page, but claimed that he had no intention of hurting anyone at school. He had created the page to harass his classmate.

The authorities carted the kid off to Juvenile Hall and charged him with felony accounts of identity theft and making terrorist threats.

That kid really could not have chosen a worse way to bully his classmate. The whole world is currently looking to cyberbullying as a serious crime that can lead to death. Throw in the threat of a school shooting, and you get a recipe for jail time, even if you’re a minor.



~ by facebookhoaxes on October 17, 2011.

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